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2" 120 Grit Green Zirconia w/ Grinding Aid Roll On Quick Change Sanding Discs

Brand : Wisconsin Abrasives
Item # : WA 4620
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Item Specifications

  • 2" Roll Lock, 2 Ply Premium Grade Cloth Disks
  • 120 Grit Green Zirconia w/ Grinding Aid Abrasive
  • Made in USA - Compare to 3M™ Roloc™ Discs
  • Equivalent to 3M™ Roloc™ Fastening System
  • Zirconia Sanding Discs Typically Last Twice as Long as Aluminum Oxide while Providing a High Level of Stock Removal with a Good Surface Finish
  • Use on ferrous metals, high-tensile materials and wood.
  • Coated abrasives can be used for most applications, from grinding to polishing. They consist of a thin layer of abrasive adhered to cloth.
Disc Diameter:2"
Abrasive MaterialZirconia w/ G.A.
Abrasive Type:Coated
Backing MaterialCloth
Attaching System:Type R - Roll On/Off
Quick Change Compatibility:Roloc, TR (III)